Serving Makes You Great

Helping, understanding, and serving others is the most important thing. Turn your compassion into action with SYWA.

Take Action Corporately

Adopt an Entire Drive

SYWA regulates all four initiatives across different cities and states to bring awareness in education, health, nutrition, and safety. As an active organization, you can adopt one or more of our initiatives that fit your CSR objectives depending on the geographical location and intervention area.

Pooled Donations

 You can contribute a bundled donation towards any specific initiatives programs that your company would like to be associated with. From education, sanitation to sustainability, healthcare, and safety – you can choose from any of our causes since SYWA works on all areas of children and people’s rights.

Why Volunteer With SYWA

With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to give back enough to society. However, volunteering can help you and the people already working towards changing society for good enormously.

Volunteering with SYWA:

  • Will connect you with others
  • Be good for your mind and body
  • Help advance your career
  • Bring fun and fulfillment to your life

How You Can Volunteer At SYWA

You can make a difference with us through two programs. Choose the one that will help you advance your conscience!

Weekend Volunteering:

  • Spend only two hours of your weekend
  • Work with SYWA experts during your time
  • Make contacts and friends while serving the community


  • 45 days certificate
  • Helps in social science and studies
  • Increases social relationships and skills