Sanitizing Habits of Thousands of Kids Through Aarogya

Many children have been fighting for their health for centuries, and they still face many obstacles. The fight cuts across age groups, cultural boundaries, and socioeconomic status. Think about children who are homeless for a moment. A person going through mental health issues, insecurity, shame, illness, humiliation, physical abuse, etc., faces endless challenges. Now imagine a homeless child going through all this!

The struggles that homeless children go through have been witnessed up close by SYWA. Although safe shelters are being found for these children, we must not ignore our responsibilities. We must treat this planet as our home and create a sanctuary for all living on it.

Create a safe, secure environment for homeless children so that their lives are improved.

Many NGO organizations try to set up seasonal drives to promote hygiene habits amongst the people living in the streets. However, most organizations often overlook that needy people don’t have the essentials to make the day go by with proper medicines, sanitation, and staying clean.

Our Aarogya initiative focuses on these very problems. We set up health camps, defense classes, sanitation programs, and sex education seminars for children. Contribute to the best NGO in India that wants to bring a serious change.

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A Child With Health is a Child With Hope
An outsider's opinion of India makes it seem filthy, as no one has taught the people healthy living habits in their childhood. We are changing that. Can you help us create a change?

Will you help the children of today for a better tomorrow?

Donating is an investment, and any financial support can save thousands of Indian lives. Help the best NGO in Ahmedabad better India by donating or volunteering for the cause you resonate with!

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