Who we are?

SYWA is the largest youth-run NGO in Ahmedabad. We strongly believe that the sole meaning of life is to serve humanity and do well for society. We are committed to our vision of love, kindness and humanity with all and to make a positive difference in the world. Since every individual or mission cannot be addressed in the same way for the best outcome, we believe just a one-time approach cannot be applied to each task for the best output. This is why Share Your WArmth has adapted certain ways of approaching the needs of everyone based on every project to meet the needs of each mission we have.


SYWA is the brainchild of Mr. Nitin Gupta who has established this NGO in Ahmedabad, India 2019 with a clear objective to empower the underprivileged people and encourage the observance of basic human rights. He started small with a team of a few enthusiastic individuals who want to make an impact by accelerating the awareness against detrimental societal issues.

Our Approach

Built on the foundation of trust, and pillars of hard work, we have joined hands to make the world a better place. Keeping our A game on, we make sure to reach out to the ones in need. Besides our four main missions, we hold engaging activities and contests making people engage with us throughout our journey. We work together to provide nutritious food to the poor people, donate clothes to the underprivileged and organize health awareness campaigns in the slum areas.

We are determined to raise donations and funds to help the needy with basic amenities like education and food, eradicate poverty, fight malnutrition, empower children, spread happiness and more. Serving not only human beings, but only animals is a part of our promising acts. We aim to become the biggest youth-run NGO for underprivileged people in India to make this world a better place to live in.