Mission Annapurna. Providing Free meals to the poor.

‘Annapurna’ is considered as the goddess of food and nourishment, wherein wastage of food is equivalent to disrespecting the almighty God. Mission Annapurna is brought into existence to provide quality food at a minimal amount to feed the less fortunate and underprivileged people. We forget while complaining about our daily lives that there are many who cannot complain about the luxuries we have which we deem as basic needs. These aren’t people but also children, deprived of the bare necessities. They are poor, helpless, deprived, and unhealthy. No access to food makes them lack proper nutrition and essential minerals in their diet which often leads to malnutrition in the long run. Without a well-functioning body, it is challenging to further engage in economic activities or take part in society. We believe that food is not only a necessity but also a fundamental right of every individual. Our aim is to provide every needy and underprivileged with proper nutritious food so that no person has to sleep on an empty stomach. We not only understand the importance of food but also the importance of nutritional security which is already declining in the country and when it comes to the poor and needy the level of nutritional security is declining at an alarming rate. SWYA has conducted various events under our dedicated Mission Annapoorna. Mission Annapoorna aims to distribute food to as many beneficiaries as possible. Under this mission, we have distributed food and ration kits to 50 plus children and 20 plus adults. When it comes to providing service to others, numbers don’t matter. As Mother Teresa said, “if you cannot feed a hundred people, feed one.” If we can leave a positive impact on even one person’s life and can put a smile on one child’s face we will be successful. We have conducted the food distribution drives in Bagodara, Ahmedabad we aspire to conduct these food drives in more cities, towns, and villages to cover more and more parts of the country, especially the rural areas, trying to reach out to the weaker and vulnerable sections of the society who are in dire need of our help. We also ask for feedback from our beneficiaries. Their feedback is important to our missions and we try our best to work with them so that our services improve and they please the beneficiaries. SYWA volunteers have been working for us, putting in all their efforts to leave a lasting impact on people. Our NGO tries to act as a platform where people get a chance to serve the needy and make a significant contribution to society and mankind. SYWA believes that service to mankind is service to God. We push this mindset in youth so that more people come forward to give us a helping hand in the form of volunteers and donations. We implore all to make contributions in the form of volunteers and donations as this is a field where there’s nothing like too much. Food and nutrition is the fundamental need of every human being. It is the most basic reason why anyone earns. Sadly, even daily wage earners have to sleep on an empty stomach most days and it is our moral duty as humans to be of use and help the world become a better place. Therefore it is a heartfelt request, please come forward and help the needy by helping us. People volunteering for a noble cause is all the world needs.


Donate Food to Feed the Hungry - With Rs. 900, you can provide nutritious food to 25+ people.

50+ people donated for Mission Annapurna. You can be a part of this movement too.
Mission Annapurna. We provide Free food to hundreds of poor everyday.
Meal distribution to the poor people by SYWA.