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Best COVID-19 Hospitals in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Unconscious covid-19 patients are taken care of by doctors in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

With the rapid growth of COVID-19 in this country hospital beds is a prized commodity right now.  

Ahmedabad recorded 25 deaths yesterday, followed by 22 deaths in Surat, 21 in Rajkot, 18 in Vadodara, 19 in Jamnagar, and 6 in Bhavnagar.  

In the last 24 hours 180 patients died at various hospitals across the state, making the death rate to 7,010 said in a statement.  

So, here is a list of private hospitals for COVID-19 in Ahmedabad that you can seek help with.  


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Covid bed availability in Ahmedabad

On Wednesday 28th April it was officially said that only 152 oxygen beds are available at hospitals. The civic body has appealed to citizens not to step out of their homes unless absolutely necessary. Around 800 patients from outside Ahmedabad are also being treated in city hospitals, the AMC said. 


COVID-19 Hospitals in Ahmedabad

1. Apollo Hospital International Limited, Ahmedabad Big building of Apollo Hospital Ahmedabad, Gujarat



Phone No. +917698815038/+91-7698815004 


2. BAPS Yogiji Maharaj Hospital, Ahmedabad  Yogiji Hospital Ahmedabad exterior photography



Phone No. 079-25629000

3. Government (CL&SC) Spine Institute Hospital, Ahmedabad National Flag hosting of India by medical team of Spine Hospital, Ahmedabad



Phone No. 07922684211 


4. HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad Various types of medical machines of HCG Hospital Ahmedabad, Gujarat



Phone No. 07940010101/ 09099612345 079 40010108, 40010100 


5. HCG Multi-Specialty Hospital & HCG Cancer Centre, Ahmedabad Front view of HCG Cancer Hospital Ahmedabad, Gujarat



Phone No.07940410300/ 06358888814  



6. Narayana Multi-Specialty Hospital, Ahmedabad  Front view of Narayana Hospital Ahmedabad



Phone No. 18003090309/ 07878100900 



7. Shalby Hospitals, Ahmedabad  Front view of Shalby Hospital Ahmedabad, Gujarat



Phone No. +91-79-40203000/9723822330 


8. Sterling Hospital Ahmedabad Sterling Hospital from front side Ahmedabad, Gujarat



Phone No. 07940011111/ 07940011177 


What covid vaccine is given in Gujarat?

The state government has ordered 2 crore doses of Covishield from the Serum Institute and 50 lakh doses of Covaxin from Bharat Biotech for 1st May.  

COVID-19 vaccination for 18-45 age group to start in 10 districts from May 1

The various districts of Gujarat where vaccination for those above 18 years of age will start from 1st May are:  

  1. Ahmedabad 
  2. Surat 
  3. Vadodara  
  4. Rajkot 
  5. Bhavnagar  
  6. Jamnagar  
  7. Kutch 
  8. Mehsana 
  9. Bharuch 
  10. Gandhinagar  


Precautions for COVID-19 patient at home

According to WHO people with no symptoms are allowed to stay at home if adequately isolated from others, but this needs to be confirmed by a doctor. People with mild or moderate symptoms can be considered for home care if they are under the age of 60. Only if the patient does not smoke, is not obese, and does not have other diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus, chronic lung disease, cancer, chronic kidney disease, immunosuppression.

Here are 10 home-based precautions of COVID-19 if someone in your house has it. 

COVID-19 safety protocols at home. This is an Infographic covering all the basic safety measures.
  • The sick person should stay in a separate room and maintain a 1m distance from them.
  • Provide good ventilation.
  • No visitors should be allowed.
  • Limit the number of caregivers.
  • Caregivers and household members should wear a medical mask while in the same room with the sick person.
  • The ill person should have dedicated dishes, cups, earing utensils, towels, and bed linens.
  • Frequently touched surfaces by the ill person should be cleaned and disinfected at least daily.
  • Everyone in the household should wash their hands with soap and water regularly.
  • The waste from the ill person should be packed in strong closed bags before disposal. 

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