How to Contribute for the Underprivileged in India?

Dive Deep into the Root Cause to Understand the Underprivileged

In India, overpopulation is the root cause of a multitude of significant issues prevailing today. The term ‘underprivileged’ constitutes three major concerns i.e. poverty, illiteracy and major health issues. In India, all the three issues are prevailing among the children of our country. As per the reports and sources, out of 385 million children in the world who fall under the category of underprivileged, 30% are solely from India. That indicates how serious the situation is.

We need to find the causes behind the poor condition of our children here.

Why are the children of our country facing these issues?

The answer to all these questions is poverty which further leads to illiteracy and unawareness. Education is very essential for the growth of any nation; it plays a vital role in creating awareness among the masses.

“Those who have privilege to know, have a duty to act”– Albert Einstein

Underprivileged children can be seen in the poorest health conditions anywhere in the country, on the roads, slums. As per the stats, Child mortality rate is very high in the country, out of every 1000 children 70 could not see their first birthday. There are a great percentage of children who die out of malnutrition; more than 50% of India’s children are malnourished.

Moreover, now the situation has exacerbated due to the coronavirus pandemic. Poverty is going to increase, and these people do not even have basic necessity forget the precautionary kits from this virus.

What can we do to help the underprivileged section of the society?

The only remedy to eradicate helplessness of these poor children is by giving them quality education so that they can access the basic necessities in life by becoming financially independent. Education is the foundation on which the entire life of a person stands.

We need to raise the standard of living of these people. The condition in which they endure is more than pathetic. Every citizen of this country has the right to live a life with dignity. Giving quality education and necessary skill to all children of our society should be the prime goal of the country.

By giving fair education we could create more awareness about health related factors like hygiene; we could also control the population of the country by educating the masses about the benefits of having a small family. Education makes people see a different perspective, makes them more open to the outside world, it becomes easy to communicate and explain to them about the evolving world.

What Share Your WArmth is doing for the underprivileged in India?

Share Your WArmth (SYWA) has also taken an initiative to part education to the ones who cannot afford, under one of the four initiatives named MISSION UDAAN . Under this project, we are working for the children who want to study by providing them necessary financial aid.

What Mission Udaan aims at,

We provide them private scholarships so that they can continue their studies in whichever field they want without thinking about the finances. We also train and counsel those who we think are capable of achieving heights in future, we direct them towards their achievable goal by motivating them to work hard. We arrange skill development classes and vocational training, so that they can earn a better livelihood by earning through their polished skills.

We request you to be a part of our initiatives by contributing in giving your support to poor children to help them live a better life. We have the privilege to access the resources; let’s do something for those who do not have.
Let humanity prevail – Extend your support in making the world a better place to live in.

Are you ready to Share Your Warmth with these children?
Your contribution can change someone’s life.

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