Muskaan Brings Smiles Where Help is Unreachable

It’s hard for us to imagine without a roof over our heads. Do you know how it must feel to live on the streets or in a government shelter?
Life can be stressful enough for an adult homeless person, but imagine a homeless child living in the streets. Although we cannot solve homelessness overnight, our Muskaan initiative is definitely trying to support such kids with nutrition, education, and lots of warmth.
Muskaan means “smile,” and that is precisely what we want to deliver to the children, fostering in government shelters away from their parents.

The Muskaan caters to children living in expanded government shelters on the outskirts of cities. We deliver Happiness Kits, primarily based on providing groceries that render a child’s nutrition.

With a value kit of 800 INR that packs in from flour, spices, stationery, and hygiene essentials, this initiative has been helping thousands of kids manage their lives smoothly.

The Foundation has initiated this project to bridge the nutrition gap, boost immunity, hygiene, and learning gap while the parents of these kids struggle to make their ends meet.


Happiness Kit for 1
Ingredients Quantity (1 Unit) Cost per Unit (INR) Price in pack (INR)
Glucose Biscuit 30 packets 4.00 120.00
Floor 5 KG 28.00 140.00
Desi Chana 500 grams 104.00 52.00
Refined Edible Oil 1 Litre 140.00 140.00
Salt 1 KG 20.00 20.00
Dhania Powder 200 grams 130.00 26.00
Turmeric Powder 200 grams 130.00 26.00
Notebook 1 piece 30.00 30.00
Stationary 1 box 45.00 45.00
Toothpaste & toothbrush 1 packet 45.00 45.00
Bath Soap 2 bars 30.00 30.00
3 Mouth Mask/ Sanitary Pad 1 box 50.00 50.00
Carton Box 1 piece 25.00 25.00
Packing Materials 1 piece 7.00 6.00
Operations & Distribution Costs     40.00
Other costs     5.00
Total Cost per kit     800.00


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Children today must be taught how to think and not what to think. Through our Udaan initiative, you can help underprivileged children find the best education to succeed in their dreams.

Will you help the children of today for a better tomorrow?

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