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NGO Jobs and Vacancies in Ahmedabad

Searching for NGO jobs

NGO Jobs in Ahmedabad

Getting NGO Jobs would definitely require certain skill sets. You have to find out for yourself in which department you wish to contribute, then start sharpening your skills and in order to make your skills relevant and beneficial for the organization. You should also work on yourself as an individual. Remember that social work requires a high level of empathy and emotional intelligence, such values cannot be forced on anyone. You have to be flexible to other people’s needs, emotions as this job would require you to work with people from different social strata, the things trivial to you might be of utmost importance to them and vice versa. But, remember to not exhaust yourself in the process. Develop a certain amount of emotional understanding and try to maintain it as much as possible. These are the personality traits you have to work on if you wish to serve society.


Food distribution program for the poor children

NGOs are non-government organizations that work towards specific or multiple causes and betterment of the society. Be the change you wish to see in this world. One cannot expect society to change until and unless they start putting into efforts on their own. If serving and helping others is something you’re passionate about, then working in NGOs would be the right choice for you. You would spend your time working towards empowerment and setting a moral example for your peers and people who look up to you.

But people would have many arousing questions about the matter. How do NGOs work? How do I apply in one? What would be my tasks and responsibilities? Such thoughts can be overwhelming too. If you want to learn more about it, continue reading and all your doubts would gradually be dissolved. To explain in brief, NGOs operate like any other organization; there are different departments for logistics, marketing, fundraising, management. The sector has immensely grown in the last few decades and people are getting more inclined towards social work. The social work NGOs do is not limited to one particular area of concern.


There are growing opportunities in this sector and you would have to figure out for yourself what causes you to feel the most passionate about. You have to be highly driven and dedicated; there should be an urge inside of you to make a change, zeal to make humanity better. Your determination should be rigid; otherwise, it would feel like a burden on your head. Such determination and strength would come through exposure and selflessness. Try thinking from the perspective of those people who do not have clean water running through their taps; who do not have the right to education and have been living as vulnerable sections of society for far too long. They don’t have fancy luxuries; all they do is life through this dark phase of uncertainty, cursing their fate.

Maintenance of an NGO

There is a lot of work that goes for maintaining NGOs. Infrastructure is one of the basics necessities, furthermore, it would include innovation, creativity, research; these sectors are the pillars to smoothen the working of any organization in general. Management and teamwork are the most crucial part; as you cannot expect the organization to run smoothly without solid teamwork. Hence you have to research and figure out which department suits you the best and how your existing skills would corporate into your job at the NGO.

Selection Procedure:

The selection procedure in each NGO is independent, but the majority of the selection procedure is through volunteering. From a professional perspective, working in NGOs hold high value, enhances your CV, and helps you get one step closer to your future goal. The selection process in NGOs is similar to that of any other job or firm. Overall it would be a great opportunity for you as a person to flourish, will provide experience and help in sculpting you into a better citizen for the country.

Q. How to get NGO jobs?

Most of the selection process is through volunteering. There are many websites and other resources online that would help you in applying in one.

Q. What are NGO jobs?

NGO jobs are the volunteering jobs that promote specific or multiple social causes.

Q. Do NGO workers get paid?

It completely depends on the size of the organization. However, a social worker earns up to 5000 (INR) on an average while working as a social worker.

Q. How to apply to get NGO jobs?

There are many resources on the internet that will help you in applying to NGOs. You would have to send in your CV and the selection process is completely independent of each organization, just like any other firm.

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