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Role of NGOs in India to Bridge the Gap Between Poor Children and Education

Lakhs of children living in the slums around us begin their day with a dirty sack on their shoulders, trying to make ends meet at every hour. Being born and brought up in poverty-stricken environments, and overcrowded settlements, teeming with poverty and inability of accessing basic amenities in life, these children fail to reach their full cognitive potential as they are shut out from being literate.

It is really important for every child to be educated, especially when it comes to a child coming from a poor economical background getting his/her right to education and also being given an identity through it. Well, to quote Erasmus on this : “The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth.” What better way to put forth the power that the youth holds today?


According to an United Nations report, India has the world’s largest youth population. In India, as per the sources and research, our country has 17.7 million children out of school. Keeping these facts in mind, quite a lot of NGOs have been working their fingers to the bone to give every child the rights of education out there, mainly focusing on the children who are underprivileged. NGOs have been working towards strengthening the current education system in the country.

These particular NGOs that have dedicated their work just to education and its importance play an important role in giving loads of support to the most vulnerable children helping them access their absolute rights to education by holding workshops for parents and children on making them aware of the importance of education, activities to help the children grasp maximum knowledge, etc. NGOs make sure that there is an increase in the number of enrollments of children in schools, make children aware of their learning skills, provide them with vocational training and much more.

“Every child is unique, just an effort is required to find that uniqueness, to provide them with an opportunity that can raise them like a phoenix.” – Nitin Gupta

These are some wise words from our founder, mentioning our whole reason and dedicated duty we have chosen to bring success to.

What is SYWA Doing for Underprivileged Children?

We at SYWA, believe it is never too late to start sharing and serving. We understand the importance and power that education holds in each and everyone’s lives. It alone has an enormous impact on children and adults at the same time. Education manages to transform lives all around the world in a way that nothing else can.

If we did not have to struggle to receive education, why should the others? At the end, education is the right of every single individual, all over the globe.

And, our Mission Udaan is all about the same.

With the belief to spread happiness in the form of education, we assist children with private scholarships, through training, skill development classes and career counseling sessions. One of our volunteers, Anish Alam, distributed stationary kits to the kids of Muzaffarpur, allowing them to feel the passion of learning and growing towards good. One of our volunteers, Utsav Tanna took online classes to help children learn, develop and grow.

Our Mission Udaan aims to empower poor children to help them learn, and grow. We are aiming to imbibe knowledge which is way beyond just what they would learn through books such as life skills, personality development, etc. Whether in highly academic private schools or deprived government runned ones, trouble dealing with life challenges remains widespread, and it stays the same for these extremely unprivileged kids too.

Your donation matters to us.

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