Help Deserving Kids Through Udaan to Take Off With Their Dreams

Feedings mouths and clothing bodies is essential. But even more critical is feeding young minds with education.
Children’s Day is a day when we receive a lot of support. But the children are our everyday heroes. As educated individuals, it is time we support homeless children and get involved in their education. Our role is to ensure that the next generation enjoys a bright and promising future. Our future will be brighter if we join hands.

Udaan’s initiative helps children someday to become capable and contributing members of society. Today, our significant efforts direct bright children on the right track to help them achieve their dreams.

We support underprivileged children’s primary education to secondary schools while offering vocational training to help them develop their voices for a shining future. Sponsor a child through the Udaan program and be a part of their prodigy.

Sponsor a Child for a Year Yearly Contribution (INR)
Education Support (School & Tuition Fee) 6000.00
Books & Uniform (Textbooks and 2 Uniforms) 4000.00
Other School Accessories (Shoes & Socks, Water bottle, Tiffin, School Bag, Stationary) 3000.00
Extra-Curricular Activities Essentials 1000.00
TOTAL 14000.00

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Little Children With Dreams Will Become the Society of Tomorrow
Children today must be taught how to think and not what to think. Through our Udaan initiative, you can help underprivileged children find the best education to succeed in their dreams.

Will you help the children of today for a better tomorrow?

Donating is an investment, and any financial support can save thousands of Indian lives. Help the best NGO in Ahmedabad better India by donating or volunteering for the cause you resonate with!

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