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Poor kids getting free education by SYWA

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”—Albert Einstein 

There are children being privileged enough to have books to dive into, the strength to spill their thoughts on paper and dreams to aim for. What about those innocent lives trying to survive by roaming on the roads, asking for money? They have dreams too, that have been shattered or never got the chance to fully bloom. People like us have the chances and the necessities. The needy don’t have these privileges and know the worth of things they can’t have.

Mission Udaan:

We at Share Your Warmth want to make a change. SYWA’s Mission Udaan aims to give wings to the broken dreams of the needy. We have provided fifty plus children with private scholarships and helped them through training, skill development classes and career counseling sessions.

The mission was successfully conducted in Bagodara,Ahmedabad where the NGO also distributed notebooks, textbooks, reading material and stationary to children. The NGO also established a library so that children can have access to books anytime they want, free of cost.

SYWA is providing private scholarships, through training, skill development classes and career counselling sessions.
Mission Udaan is providing Free education to the poor people. We reach to them and provide Private scholarships and many more schemes to help them grow.