Mission Udaan aims to provide Free education to all the poor children.

Mission Udaan

There are children being privileged enough to have books to dive into, the strength to spill their thoughts on paper and dreams to aim for. What about those innocent lives trying to survive by roaming on the roads, asking for money? They have dreams too, that have been shattered or never got the chance to fully bloom. People like us have the chances and the necessities. The needy don’t have these privileges and know the worth of things they can’t have.
We at Share Your Warmth want to make a change. SYWA’s Mission Udaan aims to give wings to the broken dreams of the needy. We have provided fifty plus children with private scholarships and helped them through training, skill development classes and career counseling sessions.
The mission was successfully conducted in Bagodara,Ahmedabad where the NGO also distributed notebooks, textbooks, reading material and stationary to children. The NGO also established a library so that children can have access to books anytime they want, free of cost.
The reality of underprivileged children in the country is worse than it sounds and looks like. Children are forced to work for a living at an early age just to provide for their family. They have to succumb to life’s pressure at an age when other kids are learning to paint their hearts out on a blank canvas.
When we went to Bagodara, we got to witness the reality very closely and as difficult it was for us to come around the situation we were determined to do something significant for them.
Our aim is only to broaden their horizons, make them capable of learning and make them realise that hardships and rags is not their destiny. If they want, they can change the world. We want for them to inculcate moral values among the children and educate them so that they can break free from the shackles and better themselves.
Hopefully, with the help of our dedicated initiatives, these poor children can grow up to be a role model for various other children.
Every child has a right to dream and have big ambitions. What will make you feel happier? Will it be the feeling of sleeping in AC rooms under the cozy blankets with a roof over your head or to make someone’s life better by shaping their future, to make it meaningful ? You can help the needy by contributing and donating whatever you can to us. Every penny counts.
Jawaharlal Nehru once said, “The children of today will make the India of tomorrow.” How long will we tolerate seeing poor kids work in factories, restaurants and many other places to earn a living? We all feel for them. But getting sympathetic towards others doesn’t really move a thing. It’s time to make a change, to help build lives and make them walk on the right path.
Therefore it’s a heartfelt request from Share Your Warmth to you, to help them by helping us. Let’s come together and join hands to fight away the evils that surround the young and innocent minds. Please come forward and help us with your donations and volunteer for us.
By helping them, you will have helped your country.

Sponsor a child Education

Donate to Help a Child get Education - With Rs. 1000, you can sponsor a child’s education.

50+ people have donated so far. You can be a part of this Mission too.

SYWA is providing private scholarships, through training, skill development classes and career counselling sessions.
Mission Udaan is providing Free education to the poor people. We reach to them and provide Private scholarships and many more schemes to help them grow.