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What Everybody Ought to know about Old age Homes – 2021

Old age home in India by SYWA. Get to know everything about Old Age Homes.

Old Age Home:

An old age home also referred to as a retirement home is a place where the elderly take shelter. It is a multi-residence facility for the elderly where they can peacefully live.

Old age homes are becoming the trend over the years. Where most people say old people move to old age homes willingly there is also some truth to the fact the elderly people are more so than ever forced to join these old age homes. But the good news is that old age homes are starting to progress in terms of quality and welfare.



A bunch of old age people smilingTypically, there is an apartment-style room or suite of rooms for individuals and couples. There are facilities like cooked meals, laundry, healthcare, recreational activities etc. A room in a retirement home can either be taken on a rental basis, paid monthly or can also be taken on a lease.

A retirement home is different from a nursing home on the basis of the quality and level of medical aid provided.

Down below are often asked questions about old age homes:

Are Old Age Homes Free?

There are728 Old Age Homes in India today. Detailed information: about 547 homes are available. Out of these, 325 homes are free of cost while 95 old age homes are on a pay & stay basis, 116 homes have both free as well as pay & stay facilities and 11 homes have no information. A total of 278 old age homes all over the country are available for the sick and 101 homes are exclusively for women.

Kerala has 124 old age homes which are the maximum in any state.

What are the reasons for Old Age Homes?

1.Children are often working away from home: Mostly children are working away from home and there is a need to look after the elderly. This is why these old people often end up in old age homes as there they can find people who care for them and their children can work stress-free.

2. Safety of the elderly: These days there is a rising trend of crimes being conducted against old people. Criminals take advantage of the vulnerability and isolation of the elderly and target them. Old age homes have dedicated people who look after their wellbeing and safety.

3. Medical Attention: Degradation of health is what makes senior citizens very vulnerable and needy. In old age homes taking care of their health is always the primary priority.

4. Company: Living on their own, away from their children often makes them victims of isolation, depression and loneliness. Whereas in old age homes, people are mostly in the same age bracket. Thus there they find a community of like-minded people.

5. Stress-Free Lifestyle: Daily chores at home can also be very demanding of aged people’s strengths. Whereas in old age homes everything is done for them beforehand. From making food to doing their laundry, everything is done for them already.

Are Old Age Homes necessary?

The question is a big topic of debate in itself. Some people are of the opinion that older people are often treated as a burden and it is their right to live with their children when they are waxing old. But the counter-argument to this opinion is that a lot of times people have to shift themselves to a new location because of their work commitments while the elder people in the family do not want to experience change. Thus they have to be shifted to old age homes where they can be cared for. Therefore the answer to this question is subjective.

How many Old Age Homes are there in India?

There are 728 old age homes in India today.

Why are Old Age Homes increasing?

With the increase in technology and increased employment opportunities, people are now willing to take up new jobs and transfers. People are moving to foreign countries abroad and primarily want to prioritize their career. At the same time people who have retired and are waxing old do not want to adjust to change and want to live peacefully in an environment they are familiar with. They also need people to look after them.

Old age homes are the only option left for them. Thus with the increase in the economy, there’s an increase in the demand for old age homes.

How are meals at old age homes?

Old people having their meals at an Old age home.Every nursing home provides its people with 3 nutritious meals essentially. Besides the three meals, a nutritious and light evening snack is also to be provided with a hot beverage. There should be a gap of a maximum of 12 hours between bedtime meal and breakfast the next day. Seasonal and fresh fruits along with daily supplements are also provided. In the case of medical issues, individual diets are taken care of and meals are customised. However, the quality of food and services often vary from a nursing home to a nursing home.

How much do old age homes cost?

All old age homes or care homes are governed by common and separate criteria.

Some have licenses to take care of the elderly needing assistance, while others are licensed to care for hospice patients, while others are not licensed and can take a lower level of care for seniors. The admission criteria are based on what the home can provide and what the elderly need.

What are the benefits of volunteering in old age homes?

1) Gaining a wealth of knowledge – Sitting down and chatting with the elderly can provide a wealth of knowledge for any individual!

dementia and festivals they have clearly lived through some of the greatest changes technology have brought to our world, from kitchen appliances and colour television to computers and cell phones. Listening to their stories can provide wisdom and insights for life, offering a new perspective for one’s own life circumstances.

2) Improving the life of the elderly – Loneliness has been directly related to an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. With that in mind, think about the difference we can make in someone’s life when we take the time to sit and chat or offer a meaningful experience for them.

3) Supporting Families – While the family provides for all their needs and necessities, someone else coming to visit their elderly loved one will assure that they get meaningful engagement and someone to look forward to. The families can use this time for themselves or finishing their other work.

4) Learning the process of bonding with different age groups – Age gap is an evident hiccup when we sit and talk to an elderly but once we try we find many similarities with them, it can be common love for a particular book or interest in music or their experience at our favourite places etc.

General wellbeing once we have decided to get all this and many more benefits and learnings from volunteering with the elderly, we have to know what it takes to volunteer with the elderly.

What are things to keep in mind before volunteering in old age homes?

1) Discipline

They are old and accustomed to a certain set of rules and if anyone wants to help them then he/she also needs to be calm and disciplined. The volunteer needs to take the work and the time seriously. The elderly do not like many changes so if we take up some work for some time then we need to commit to it.

2) Communication

Having conversations with the elderly can be fun and interesting but one needs to brush up his/her communication skill to talk to them. One needs to empathetic, soft, sensitive, open and confident. The volunteer needs to understand the problems of the elderly from their point of view.

How to help the elderly?

Virat Kohli visits an Old age home1) Helping the elderly in your own neighbourhood. Give them some time, visit them regularly, help them run some errands, etc.

2) Invest your time in old age homes; there are various government and private run old age homes where you can give your precious company to the elder residents.

3) Or you can join an organization like ours, Samvedna Senior Care, to volunteer. Learn to interact with the elderly, offer them your company, teach them something and learn from them even more, play games, hold meaningful and interesting conversations, etc.

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